Bjørn Bennike


The gumozoes are bird-like creatures who in unsettling ways also resemble humans. These seemingly primitive figures exhibit a lot of different characteristics that range from playful innocence to the dark and disturbing. It is this duality, inherent in the sculptures; and in man, that make them compelling and mesmerising.


Wood, iron, plaster, stone, tar, textiles and even fire are among my preferred materials. My works range in size from the miniature to gigantic landart projects, all of the works are informed by a vivid cultic and mythological imagination. In addition to this I also has a substantial production of graphical works; numerous intaglios and lithographs have been produced in studio.

"When I go to the studio it is always with a certain amount of unease. My figures can be very noisy, a bit too cheerful and sometimes even aggressive. Angels with horns, devils with wings and stony eyes, handicapped veteran-gumozoes and dreamingly poetic mouthbrooders inhabit my universe.


To create my works I must see, remember, and forget before I can even start working. Sometimes the figures manifest themselves, and my part is only that of a humble craftsman and midwife. These are often the best works. The risk with being eternally searching and creative is that you, along the way, accumulate a lage private collection of your own works.


As an artist one is privileged; one has the possibility to move between dream and reality, and the serious and comical in a constant state of wonder and awe. Numerous possibilities are tested in a continuing struggle with the material. The goal is to breathe soul and life into the works".


Steffan Herrik